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About us

We aim to make a better brat.

Not just a better tasting brat, a better brat for you. Unlike most companies that produce brats, at Wild Bratz, we hand mix our seasoning, add real chopped vegetables into our mixture, and don't rely on unnatural binders for texture. We pride ourselves on our ingredient labels in comparison to places that mass produce and pour pre-manufactured packets into their mixtures.

A variety of gourmet brats with numerous flavors

Wild Bratz  produces a variety of gourmet brats with numerous flavors. At this time, we currently sell ready-to-eat brats off of our food truck, but also offer our amazing brats in packages available for purchase to take home and cook at your leisure. Currently you can order online come to an event and pick up our Wild Bratz to take home and cook.

The Dream Team

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Sam (Left), Kevin (Middle), Al (Right)

Pictured Kevin (left), Amanda (middle), And Sam (right)