Our growing list of Wild flavors!!

The "WILD" Brat

This is our original brat. Although it is our "Plain" all pork brat, it is packed with flavor!

The Tater Tot 

Hot-Dish Brat

Pork, beef, potato, cream, a veggie mix, and our signature seasoning with added black pepper all come together to create this great tasting up-north brat.

The Mac &

Cheese Brat

Yes, our Mac and Cheese brat does have noodles in it! Along with a heaping helping of cheddar cheese and our signature seasoning, this brat will taste like it came out of a bowl on the stove top with every bite.

The Onion Garlic Brat

Sliced onions and minced garlic along with ground pork and seasoning make for one hearty brat.

The Chicken Fajita Brat

This all chicken brat has chopped onions, chopped red and green bell peppers, and our signature seasoning with a hint of red pepper to give it a tasty kick. 

The Broccoli  Cheddar Brat

Where fresh chopped broccoli mixed with cubed cheddar cheese and our signature seasoning all come together.

The Beer Brat

This hoppy and bitter brat has a great beer tang. Some could say it tastes..... FRESSSHHHHHHHHH

The Philly Cheese Steak Brat

A pork and beef brat with sliced onions, peppers, and swiss cheese tastes exactly like the real deal all stuffed into a sausage casing.

The Double Whammy Brat

If the name is a bit confusing, here's some clarification, IT IS HOT. Xtra hot red pepper and signature seasoning allow for a pretty hot brat, while allowing for the great flavor to burn through.

The Sweet Italian Brat

This traditional Italian sausage can be thrown on the grill or thrown in some pasta sauce. Either way it is great.

The Shrimp Jambalaya Brat

This chicken based brat has whole salad shrimp along with a Cajun seasoning. This brat also includes chopped onions, peppers, and corn to truly give it a jambalaya taste.

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