This is the original brat and although it's our "Plain" brat, it's packed with flavor. With seasonings like nutmeg, white pepper, and garlic, this brat boasts a hearty taste with a hint of sweetness to finish each bite. The fact that it is all pork ensures that it will be super juicy and not dry out as easily when cooking. Each pack contains five precooked sausage links and weighs approximately one pound.

The Original Brat

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  • As far we know, the only brats we make that contain gluten are the Mac and Cheese brat and Beer brat. We make all of our own brats in a commercial kitchen and even though we thouroughly clean all of the equiptment in between batches, we aren't positive there isn't any cross contamination. With that being said, we cannot guarantee that anything is 100% gluten free.